Databrid - About

Important information - read first

Databrid is no longer developed or supported. Here you can find the Download files and the Documentation. You can use those on your own with no guarantee and no support.

About Databrid

Databrid was started by Paul Clark. Here is what he says about the program: "Databrid started out three years ago as tool to make my life easier at work, as a computer programmer, and to give myself further experience in Java. Development of the tool has occupied a lot of my spare time which has sometimes been a drawn out process, but has also been enjoyable."

Databrid has been enhanced with many additional features since it originated and is now a very useful functional tool. Hence I have decided to make it available to others who may find it as useful as myself.

Note: The Databrid project was abandoned but as every good piece of software, we decided to ressurcet it from the ashes and leave it on its home domain so people can use it in any way they find valuable.