Databrid - Features

Sql Editor

  1. Autocompletion of table column names.
  2. A connection (Oracle or MySql) is associated with an Sql Editor. An editors connection can be change or shared with another connection.
  3. Highlighting of words the same as the one currently under the cursor.
  4. Context Sensitive SQL and PLSQL editors.
  5. Automatic Case adjustment for keywords and functions (optional).
  6. Edit SQL and PLSQL files.
  7. Print editor functionality (with print preview).
  8. Commit and Roll back database changes.
  9. Build and execute Select statements in the editor and perform the following:
    • View the output in a user friendly table.
    • Save the output as a CSV (comma delimited file) or insert statements. Output can be sent to the clipboard or to a file.
    • Count the number of records.
  10. Tune the Select Statement.
  11. Develop SQL and PLSQL statements. Oracle DBMS_OUTPUT output is captured into a separate area.
  12. Create, modify and delete database objects.
  13. Aliases can not be used to save typing. Type sw followed by shift-space and sw will be replaced by SELECT xx FROM yy WHERE zz. Aliases are defined in the preferences.
  14. Table/View data can be edited in the Sql Editor result view.
  15. ...

Schema Browser

  1. Browse database objects for multiple users.
  2. Produce creation scripts for database objects.
  3. View information about database objects.
  4. You can now browse the database in more than one connection (Oracle or MySql).
  5. Table/View data can be edited in either the Browser table/view data views.
  6. ...


  1. SQL and PLSQL files can be edited with syntax highlighting and an optional automatic case adjustment for keywords and functions. Autocompletion of columns names is also available.
  2. The ability to use SQL statements to add additional information to CSV (delimited) files while binding in values from the CSV.
  3. The ability to manipulate the database using use information from a CSV file.
  4. You can now have more than one File processing tab open, each with its own independant connection (no problem with commits in this tab affecting other areas of Databrid).
  5. ...

Please go to the online help for more information.