Databrid - Online Help

Help is included with the Databrid application and is viewable from within Databrid. This online help is a copy of Help found in Databrid and is provided here for convenience.

Login Screen

The Login screen is the first screen that is shown when running Databrid. The screen establishes the connection details that wil be used when connecting to the database.

SQL Editor

The SQL Editor tab allows you to write and run SQL and PLSQL. The tab provides the ability to use one of more syntax highlighting editors with automatic case adjustment for keywords. Provided with each editor is a table for displaying SQL query results and a text output area to display DBMS_Output output. Jobs can be run in the background allowing for the execution of multiple statements at any given time.


The Browser tab allows the you to browse various parts of the database schema. The browsing is done via a particular schema user and displays information on tables, views, sequences etc. Features include the generation of database creation statements for tables, views etc, browsing table or view data, truncating tables, etc.


The File tab allows you work with a CSV (comma delimited text file) and the database without having to load the CSV into the database. This tab has two areas that functionality: CSV Update and Database Update. CSV Update allows you to add additional columns to a CSV using a Select statement, including binding CSV column values to the Select statement. Database Update allows you to update the database using insert, updates, deletes or PLSql by binding the CSV column values into your statement.


This tab allows you to view which jobs (started from the SQL Editor and File tabs) are currently running or have finished. Jobs that are running can also be stopped. This tab displays information on how long a job has been running for/took to run, whether the job was successful and what error stopped the job running.